Edgeband Production Line is a company that provides service to customers about design, production, and installation of machines for the production of edgebands that are important and indispensable for the furniture industry.

We design all machinery with our expertise in this sector and produce according to the corresponding quality standards for high quality, application compatible and fast production.


The following list is quality rules for producing and using the edgeband. We offer machinery that suits the same quality parameters as the list below and that has been tested with aim of a flawless production process.

  • Edgeband's mass staining should be homogeneous and should not change throughout the entire production.
  • Base color obtained by the mass staining must be compatible with the colors on the plate.
  • There should be no defect such as color and pattern mismatches, stains, bubbles, troughs, paint leakages, missing version errors in surface paint, pattern and UV lacquer applications.
  • During edgebanding, there should be no color change at the end of the edges.
  • Edgeband should have a soft texture to prevent rupture and cracking.
  • Edgeband should not change color when exposed to the sunlight.
  • During production, it should be checked for measurements and accuracy.
  • Color matching in surface painting should remain the same throughout the production.
  • Edgeband should be suitable with the surface of application.
  • Edgeband should be in perfect contact with adhesives to be applied during use.
  • It should be able to withstand the event of bending and cracking.
  • The external conditions should not alter the size and width of the edge band.
  • Edgebands should be environmentally friendly and should not contain heavy metals harmful to health.

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