Mixing unit is the first section of the edgeband production processes. For producing appropriate edgeband, required amount of raw materials and additives must be used. Amount of materials to be mixed directly affects the quality of the edgeband.


PVC is a plastic polymer with a wide range of applications. After blending with various additives, this polymer is plasticized and used at high temperatures. PVC can be mixed more variety of additives according to other polymers. For this reason, PVC is low in cost and provides multi-purpose use.


Two Boilers

There are two boilers with hot and cold mixer blades in the mixer.

Heating by Friction

In the hot boiler, heating machines are not used. Heating consists of friction in a mixture of materials.

Heat Control

Hot boilers are under heat control. After the temperature has reached the specified degree, the mixture of material in a hot boiler is taken into the cold boiler.

Cooling Tank

Cooling tank cools the mixture with cold water in the walls.

Cold Water Boiler

Mixing process continues in the cold water boiler.

Cooling Evenly

Hot material strikes the cold wall and is evenly cooled. Process of mixing is not time that determines process, but the heat.


After mixing is completed, the edgeband mixing is carried to the production line. however, conditions must be the same during transportation. Otherwise, the mixture may be affected by different conditions.

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