Edgeband primer unit is a section where edgeband is applied to the surface and edgeband to have adhered to the surface. The applied method provides adhesion surface to adhesives used for bonding flake. Adhesion of edgeband to the board cannot be done with an adhesive.


  • Primer is applied to the back of the film with the specified amount under favorable conditions.
  • The primer adheres strongly to PVC surface and forms a porous structure.
  • The primer is the most important material that allows the edge band to adhere to the edge of the panel since PVC does not have an appropriate bonding effect on the non-extruded PVC.
  • The degree of adhesion directly affects the quality of edgeband. Therefore, the amount of primer applied to edgebands requires expertise.
  • The applied primer must not be degraded under environmental conditions. Otherwise, edgeband is separated from the surface where it has adhered.

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