Edgeband printing unit is a section where patterned edgebanding is performed by applying the UV protective lacquer by drawing pattern on main color foil to produce patterned edge banding and patterned edgebanding.


  • It can be made by using solvent based or UV paints. Usually, solvent dyes are used.
  • The pattern of the edge band is obtained by overlapping multiple colors and patterns.
  • If produced by solvent dyes, problems of color differences due to changes in viscosity and dyeing may occur due to evaporation of the solvent.
  • In order to process the edge band, the machine has at least 3 model units, 2 varnish sliding units, and one UV varnish drying unit.
  • The printing unit is supported with servo motor control for precise synchronous precision speed control.
  • Since there is no change in paint viscosity, the use of UV paint is more advantageous in printing unit. But the cost of using UV paint is high.
  • UV drying units are placed where necessary, and heat applied foils and allow them to dry.
  • Determination of light sensitivity of fade resistance of powder pigments in mass staining stage also applies to the selection of pattern paint. Otherwise, patterns and colors will be damaged over time.
  • At the last part of the printing section, polish or matte UV lacquer is applied to the surface and dried.

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