Turnkey edgeband production lines are designed according to the most desirable capacities and machines in order to meet the different needs of our customers more quickly. We can set up all of our projects on a turnkey basis, but we designed some package production lines in order to meet the needs more quickly.


Multifunction lines are equipped with several units that run in a plane and are constantly producing. These units are connected to each other. Lines dedicated to units other than multifunction lines must also operate synchronously. Otherwise, intermediate inventories form and capacity of lines cannot be evaluated adequately. In order to avoid this, we can determine our turnkey lines to match the lines of our customers. Below are some of our turnkey edgeband production lines:

  • Economic Printing Line
  • Primer Line
  • Printing Line
  • Printing Line with Conveyor

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If you tell us about your range of edge banding, size ranges and capacity, we can quote you a price as soon as possible.