Edge bands are produced in different ways on edge band production machines according to customer requirements according to factors such as thickness, width, color, raw material, strength. To meet customer needs and increase product range, machinery in the edge band production line must respond to all these needs.

We design machines that will enable our customers to manufacture in according to the target market, and production area and install turn-key.


  • The product is processed along a line and is not interrupted.
  • In fact, raw material that comes in comes out as a finished product, no additional transportation is done.
  • It includes every unit including a recycling unit.
  • This production line is installed in facilities with less space and low capacity facilities.
  • Monthly capacity can be between 30-80 tons/month.
  • 4 operators are sufficient for one line.


  • For each stage, individual units are installed.
  • The product is transported to these stations in sequence.
  • This line is installed in high capacity production facilities and large area facilities.
  • Monthly capacity can be minimum 300 tons/month production.
  • 9 operators are sufficient for one line.


Machines are produced according to certain standards, and they are prevented faulty productions. Since the errors in the machine are corrected at the time of production, users face much less trouble and do not stop their productions. In addition, product errors caused by machine failure are also reduced.



Edge bands are used in many products in the furniture industry. It must be produced according to the width of these products. Width ranges of machinery are calculated by taking into consideration areas that our customers serve.


Edge bands must be fully compatible with colors of furniture. It is also important that machinery can make production without destroying these colors as well as raw materials to be used.


The materials can expand and contract according to the change in temperature and humidity. This causes the connection to become corrupted. In order to prevent these connections from breaking down, we have developed special machines thanks to our expertise in this field.


It is necessary to realize the production of edgebanding according to targeted capacity. Incomplete capacity leads to loss of sales, while excess capacity causes additional stock. We are able to arrange machinery in required capacities and provide the necessary equipment to meet additional capacity requirements for our customers.

Raw material

Edge band can be produced from a number of different materials. We design machinery that can process the most commonly used edge band raw materials in the furniture sector such as PVC, acrylic, abs.


Below are the systems used in the production of edgeband with multifunction or station types. You can visit the pages for detailed information.

Extruder is a process used to create cross-sectional profile objects. The material is pushed into the mold of the desired section

Edgeband printing line is required to print compatible patterns with the edgeband furniture.

Edgeband primering line is used for priming 700 mm PVC and ABS foils.

Slicing process provides wide foils of different thickness, color, and design in flakeboard.

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