Calender makes thin materials and provides smoother surfaces. In the calendering unit, edgeband mixture is thinned at desired thickness thanks to a plate mold. The calendering process is done as applying heat treatment by calendering machine with a triple cylinder structure. After the film formation has been thinned, it is cooled in a balanced manner with help of puller cylinders.

The calender unit is servo motor controlled and is a hydraulic unit for stable pressure. The distances between the cooling rollers are specifically calculated for equal cooling. A puller unit working with the foil cutting unit is compatible with the calendering cylinders and allows for fine tuning.


Spare: 3 pieces of chrome plated calendared cylinder
Daimeter: 350 mm
Height: 850 mm
System: Hydraulic system
Block Body: 40 mm
Adjustable: Lower and upper cylinder precision adjustment units
Control: Precision speed setting on the touchscreen LCD control panel
Motor: Servo motor control system
Add Equipment: Calendar cylinder changing apparatuses
Movable: Motorized calendar back and forth movement unit on the rail


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