Edgeband printing line is required to print compatible patterns with the edgeband furniture. It is compatible with working on 700 mm wide foil and has 4 or 7 printing units and double level lacquer unit. It can print different patterns and is compatible to work on reverse foils. Color and pattern change takes less than 5 minutes. In this way, you can produce a wide variety of products without stopping.


  • Solvent unit with the brake system is a dual system. Optionally, the edge control system can be added.
  • It has an input tractor unit with a rubber roller and servo motor control.
  • Optionally, a pre-capture battery can be added. This prevents incorrect color and additional points due to the speed difference.
  • Working reliability is high.
  • It can contain 4 or 7 pattern printing units. The body is made of 30 mm block steel. The bed system is not installed on the rollers so that the machine can be easily dismantled.
  • The chamber blade system (closed system) is used for dye transfer. This reduces the possibility of color degradation in long production processes.
  • The amount of solvent vapor released into the environment is low, and the amount of odor in the environment is very small compared to other systems.
  • Material waste is at the lowest level.
  • In order to increase the speed, an infrared heater can be added to the optional drying cabinets.
  • It has a dual stage UV lacquer unit. Optionally, UV lacquer drying unit can be added between two lacquers.
  • The printing unit provides the desired perfect tension during printing and polishing and eliminates product defects caused by loosening. Optionally, encoder measurement control can be added.
  • All components of the line are made of aluminum. But optionally chrome plating lines can be manufactured.
  • The control panel is controlled by a 10 ile LCD touchscreen. The desired number of control panels can be added.


  • It can print in different thicknesses.
  • It offers high-quality printing process.
  • Its product range is wide.
  • It offers standard production, no difference in quality between product start and end.
  • Empty unit during production can be prepared for other production. Thus, there is no loss of time.


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