Our training programs are used to teach edge band production line workers use of machinery, maintenance process and repair methods. Thanks to our training, the quality, and efficiency of the edge band production line will increase.

Training is provided by our experienced staff in production lines. All subjects related to machinery are explained to operators in detail. Our instructors know needs and difficulties of production lines and this situation provide them to communicate more effectively with operators.


Machine-related issues such as operation, stopping, adjustable of different products, recalling settings of registered products are explained.


In order to provide security in the edge band production line, rules to be observed in the production area, safety precautions to be considered in machinery are explained, and necessary warning signs are hung in places that will be seen in the factory.


Control of settings of machinery must be carried out at certain intervals in order to prevent faulty products. It explains how sensors in the production line work.


We prepare periodic maintenance plans to prevent malfunctions of machinery in an undesirable time and explain how to do this maintenance.


In case of malfunction, operations are explained individually. If faults are eliminated according to given training, production can be resumed as soon as possible.


Our aim is to enable all customers to solve all problems before they can deliver the edge band production line to their customers.

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